The Rumor

Dedicated to my Uncle Slim Neville

I heard a rumor today
and I pray that rumor is true-
Heard someone gave their Heart to The Lord
and I heard that someone was you

May God's Love sprinkle the path you must follow-
as He restores a right spririt within-
May He strengthen all your tomorrows
and give you hope again.

May Grace and Mercy follow you
as The Shepherd leads your way-
May His rod and staff comfort you
each new and precious day

May He also bless you with victories,
patience, understanding and peace-
and may your flame of renewed faith
burn brightly and never cease!

Yeah, I heard a rumor today-
and I'm praying for me and you
I have decided to follow Jesus
and I heard that you have too!

Sharon Barksdale- Worth

Copyright ©2001 Sharon Worth

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