"Say What?"

Say, how do you treat your fellow man
when he's not living up to par-
Do you criticize, insult or degrade him
face to face or from afar?

Do you think that you are better
because life has treated you fair-
and all he has is bitterness
anger and despair

Before you say an unkind word
or do a thoughtless deed-
consider the Savior loves him too!
but he's lost and truly in need

Please, say something to inspire
this soul who may not know-
that Jesus came to save us all
from a world of sin and whoa

PRAY before you speak, dear CHRISTIAN
for a soul you may win or lose-
it's far better to choose the things you say
don't say whatever you choose!

Sharon Barksdale- Worth

Copyright ©2001 Sharon Worth

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