Hush Now...We'll Meet Again!

Dedicated to the memory of Ms. Bere Mitchell

When Jesus comes riding on a cloud-
and they crown Him King of Kings
We'll join in with the Heavenly Choir
and to His Glory we shall sing!

Lord! What a Day that's gonna be-
When all the Saint's in Christ shall rise
But 'til then...I'm tired child-
so let me rest my eyes.
Go on...shed a tear or two
for even Jesus wept!
But don't you cry too long
for every promise shall be kept.
He promised we'd meet again on the other side
make choices that will please the Lord
Let His word in you abide!

So...Hush now my darlings
For I'll be always at your side-
And someday we'll say howdy-howdy
and never again...goodbye!

Sharon Barksdale- Worth

Copyright ©2001 Sharon Worth

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